Aging Matters

Proper Respect and Dignity for Our Elders

Chuck has become a dedicated advocate, or “Champion for Change” in exploring innovative solutions to challenges facing an aging society. From personal experiences, he is concentrating on the following issues:Abusive Probate Practices When people age in place, they often die in place, that is…at home. Since most adult family members do not reside with their aging parents, our aging loved relatives often are the sole residents of their home. Many towns have ordinances that require the residences of the deceased to be vacated immediately after death of the sole resident, regardless of the relationship of those in attendance during death! Chuck was told to vacate the family homestead immediately after the death of his Mother due to this ordinance. This practice and policy must be standardized and revised to respect and honor the dignity of the family at and after the time of death.Oxygen and CPR—Inadequate training While his Father was on oxygen and living at home, the power was interrupted and the oxygen machine stopped. The attending Certified Nursing Assistant was untrained in the use of oxygen, and therefore, this incident would have been a needless emergency, 9-1-1 call had it not been for Chuck’s training and instant reaction. Homecare professionals must be properly trained in both CPR and the use of oxygen.

Homecare Employment—Extortion of the elderly!

The existing regulations for homecare employment treat individual families no different than large employers, in many cases. Hence, families who confer with state employment officials are regulated to strict standards of discrimination and related laws. One of Chuck’s key Aides alleged discrimination and demanded payment of $5,000! Eight months of discussions, meetings and defense came to a close when the state suggested that settlement of $5,000 is cheaper than defending the family’s honor! It would cost more than $10,000 to begin defense of this allegation! A friend of Chuck’s paid $75,000 to defend his family against similar allegations.

Home Invasion/Solicitation—Checking out the territory!

In too many towns, it is legal to solicit door-to-door without registration or licensing if you are NOT selling anything. Clearly, any door-to-door approach compromises the security of residents, especially the vulnerable members of our society, such as the elderly and disabled. The regulations should be standardized and revised to define solicitation as BOTH selling and non-selling.



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