Celebration of Color
Celebration of Color

His presentations on respect and dignity are based on his personal experience with his family. They vary in duration from 1-3 hours. The two-hour version has been certified for continuing education credits.

Programs include: (not limited to)

• Making Your Home Senior-Friendly (a preparation for homecare, including home enhancements and homecare employment)

• Graceful Aging Matters (based on the latest text, Chuck shares personal lessons learned from 10 years managing his parents’ care in their home. The program includes: creative cuisine, legacy matters, preparing for the unexpected, etc.

The programs and books, MAKING YOUR HOME SENIOR-FRIENDLY, and now YOUR HOME, YOUR CASTLE, explore affordable and effective ways to evaluate and enhance your home for the benefit of your aging loved ones. His latest book will be available for purchase during programs.

Chuck is an advocate for creating a “Sensory Supported Space” for all ages and abilities.  This unique approach acknowledges and utilizes active senses in the development and maintenance of our surroundings, both at work and home.

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