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This article was published in Clifton Park, NY January 2016

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Clifton Park Neighbors article 2016 (2)





October 2015 television interview, Colonie, NY

on “Your Home, Your Castle” with ending song (written by David Roth, “Legacy”)   link to interview

Comments from Nancy, our former Aide—

“How well I remember the wonderful smiles your mom would give when I played guitar for her or made a doll with her present. The love and caring you showed by everything you did for her. I still use my overnight bag and think of her while hooking! ( I cried through most of this video) thanks to you for sharing the Oakes love.”


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YOUR HOME, YOUR CASTLE: A Boomer’s Guide– How to Prepare for Homecare – Kindle – link – Paperback – link

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This is Chuck’s 2004 text on preparing for homecare.  It is also available from Amazon or your local bookseller.

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  1. “Your Home, Your Castle” is a monumentally thought-provoking book revolving around life affirming/enhancing experiences that bring joy, comfort and happiness in a place that everyone want to be–their own home. It is masterfully written with compassion and an excellent resource guide. I found this book to be incredibly relevant as our society ages and we evaluate options and resources. I highly recommend this book for caregivers, families and health care professionals.
    Virginia Spickerman, PA, RN with personal experience of 12 years in caring for three family members. (2017)

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